2) Get a picture off the Internet (make sure it's not Copyright (C), though) for the picture at the top of your Layout. (If you would like to use a picture from your files for the top picture, or add writing to a picture off the Internet, I advise uploading that picture onto an Image Hosting Website, such as Tinypic.com, Imageshack.us or Photobucket.com. There, you may add text to your picture, then, once you've finished editing it, you must get the 'Direct Link' for your picture. Then, when editing your Howrse page in the 'Normal Mode', put your cursor where you want your picture to go, and click on the little landscape icon, found by the font colours, paragraph alinement, etc. A little box should then appear - paste your 'Direct Link' code into there.)

If you've still got a question, or just need some help with something, feel free to PM Me. 

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