Here are the Riding Level 9 answers.

Riding Level 9 - Day 120

For an orphaned foal, a milk-producing goat can serve as a foster?

When should a foal begin it's halter breaking
The first month

At what age is it safe to start a horse under saddle with light riding
3 years

What colour is a very pale Palomino called

What common horse colour consists of a black mane and tail, black legs, and a medium brown body?

Most foals should be weaned at what age?
Six months

At what age should a foal be de-wormed for the first time?
Six weeks

At a year old, your horse should be tolerant of what?
All of these

If your foal is orphaned, what can you do to help it grow?
All of these

What was the name of Alexander the Great's black horse?

Which piece of tack should be the last one introduced when starting a young horse?

The areas of forests occupied by discrete groups of New Forest ponies are commonly called:

When should a foal be given it's first vaccination
Three months

Foals should have colostrum within the first 12 hours after birth

The first time a horse is tied to learn to stand patiently, what are some common reactions the youngster may have?
Jerking on the rope
Pulling back

Why should you not start a horse under saddle too young?
It can damage their back
It can damage their knees

How many pounds can a healthy foal gain per day ?
3 pounds

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