Here are the Riding Level 8 answers.

Riding Level 8 - Day 100 - Saddler

What type of tack is used for a Lippizan horse?

What saddle was designed for security and comfort in the saddle no matter how harsh the conditions?
Australian Saddle

What is a surcingle used for?
Training a young or inexperienced Horse

The Canadian Horse is well known for it’s versatility in
Driving, Jumping & Western events

Most American Mustangs reside on an HMA. What does HMA stand for?
Herd Management Area

Which Equestrian sport uses a bamboo stick to which is attached a racquet head with a loose, thread net which is used to carry a ball?

Barrel Racing is a sport originally developed for women:

The only type of saddles Australian riders use are Australian saddles:

What are Woolies?
A type of chap with fleece on one side

What piece of equipment has the sole purpose of keeping the reins from going over the horse’s head?
Irish Martingale

What is the name of the horse that that became the 2007 USEF Horse of the Year?
Theodore O’Connor

What riding discipline uses what is commonly called a Cutback Saddle?

What type of saddles do the Royal Canadian Mounted Police use? .

The Brumby is a breed from.

It is possible to jump while riding in a sidesaddle

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