Here are the Riding Level 6 answers.

Riding Level 6 - Day 60

Where did fox hunting originate?
United Kingdom

Who was the first equestrian to be inducted to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame?
J. Michael Plumb

What riding discipline is most popular in the United States?

What type of riding competition is the historic Sante Fe Trail?

Which Olympic Three Day Event team won the gold in the 2000 Sydney Three Day Event?

The Peruvian Paso is famous for
The Termino

Which famous show jumper now has a line of English saddles?
Rodrigo Pessoa

What is a Charro?
A traditional cowboy of Mexico

Which kind of riding demands perfection riding in an upright position with a strong curvature of the haunches, regularity, skill and finesse in all of the natural gaits in dressage?
Haute ├ęcole

What rider, atop the horse Salinero, claimed gold in the 2004 Olympics for Individual Dressage?
Anky van Grunsven

What breeds of horses are represented by the acronym PRE?

What nomadic people were meticulous in the careful, planned breeding of fine horses to gain desirable traits?
The Bedouins

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