Here are the Riding Level 5 answers.

Riding Level 5 - Day 40 - Blacksmith

When mounting your horse in an active arena with other riders, you should:
Ask somebody to hold your horse while you mount
Use a mounting block

When riding, the best footwear you can use is:
A sturdy boot with a short heel

A red ribbon tied to a horse’s tail at a show means:
The horse might kick

It is important that a rider of any age wear their helmet any time they are on a horse:

Why do western boots have high heels?
To prevent the foot from sliding through the stirrup

What is a Martingale used for?
To control the horse’s head

It is safe to leave a horse’s halter on when he is turned out in pasture:

If your horse is participating in rigorous demanding work, he should have:
Splint Boots

The bit was developed before the nosebands:

Riding gloves can:
Prevent blisters
Protect your hands against the elements
Give you a better grip on the reins

What is a peacock stirrup?
A safety stirrup

According to the January 2008 regulations, any youth rider competing at an FEI sanctioned event must do what if they loose their helmet?
They must stop, dismount, and secure their helmet before continuing

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