Here are the Riding Level 3 answers.

Riding Level 3 - Day 20 - Can get your own Equestrian Centre

If your horse is lacking minerals, what can you do to help add more minerals to their diet?
Provide a Mineral Block
Feed a Veterinary recommended supplement

Horses that are frequently exercised need what?
Increased protein
Increased carbohydrate

How many stomachs do horses have?

Feeding your horse sugary feeds and treats can give them cavities in their teeth:

A horse that requires little extra dietary maintenance and maintains a healthy weight is often times called a:
Easy keeper

If a horse needs 2.2 pounds of hay per 100 pounds of body weight per day, how much hay does a 900 pound horse need in a day?

Pasture can provide your horse with an excellent source of fresh forage:

When your horse refuses food and water, looks around at their sides, paws the ground and tries to lay down often, what is wrong?
They have impaction colic

What is Founder?
Inflammation of the laminae of the hoof

What vitamin is essential for a breeding stallion to have in his diet?
Vitamin A

Which feed or grain provides a horse with the highest amount of energy?

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